Prescription Glasses


Prescription sunglasses
Fit over sunglasses are good for those who want to wear regular sunglasses but have to wear prescription glasses at the same time. These models wrap around the eyes and protect them from the sun from almost all angles. Whats even better is that peripheral vision isn’t blocked because of the extra lens material found in the sides of the frame.

As their name implies, fit over sunglasses will fit over your prescription so you don’t need to shift from prescription dark lenses to clear and back again. This is extremely convenient and prevents you from accidentally leaving your prescription glasses behind since you’ll be carrying them anywhere you go and wearing them under your fit over pair.

For the near-sighted people, when it is summer, one of their problems is that they can’t wear sunglasses. They want to protect their eyes as well as look cooler in sunglasses. But they can’t wear two pair of glasses at the same time.

Recently, there is one kind of glasses which can solve this problem for them. That is the prescription sunglasses. They are for people who are near-sighted or even far-sighted.

Look from the appearance, the prescription sunglasses are just like regular sunglasses but they have diopters. Lenses of prescription sunglasses are special for near-sighted people just like prescription glasses. In one word, we can say this kind of sunglasses have both the function of prescription glasses and sunglasses.

So the most obvious advantage for prescription sunglasses is convenience. Near-sighted people are more needed to protect their eyes in summer, so a pair of prescription sunglasses is good for them. The dark color of sunglasses will not influence the sight of you. You can see clear just as wear the prescription glasses.

The most important elements of your prescription sunglasses are the lenses for certain that are the special points also. Something like UV powder was added during the process of making the lenses so as to filter the ultraviolet radiation. The lenses are made from either composite or eyewear and both have their advantages. You can make your own choices since both of them have advantages and disadvantages.

Composite lenses are lighter than glass lenses, but are easy to scratching. They do, however, offer more shatter resistance than glass. Composite lenses are typically made from a polycarbonate material.

While, glass lenses are ground and polished to ensure that they are distortion-free. They do not easy to scratch. They are light in weight so they are easy to carry with you. Since this material is much populated, lenses made of glasses are cheaper.

Prescription sunglasses can also have many kinds of colors for you to choose. Lenses colors play an important role in the performance of your sunglasses. You should choose a color based on the way your eye reacts to it. Different colors can cause different visual sensations for everyone, so choosing your lenses color is a quite personal decision. There are some tips of choosing different color which you can find on the Internet.

So you can see the prescription sunglasses are just like ordinary sunglasses for you. They have same various colors and styles for people to select. If you are near-sighted, prescription sunglasses might be a good choice for you in summer.