Getting glasses frames that fit us most is really an important procedure of buying eye wears, such as our face shape, which plays a very crucial role, if you have a round face, rectangle style frames will be best choice, and for oblong ones, you can choose these glasses frames to add width to your face by using decorative features, our personality and characteristics of faces should also be considered in this shopping, take your eyebrows for example, our  frames are not allowed to cross the brow line, and people with different height are always suggested to wear different size of the  lenses!

Actually, all the above are the basic principles of buying prescription glasses frames, here is a point which is considered to be different for men and female, that is fashion! Women may even prefer to wear those uncomfortable and undoable frames only if they can provide them a great looking! But men are always standing in the opposite side! Actually, fashion and quality are both overemphasized, they are both important for customers, so how can we identify latest fashion trends in prescription eyeglasses?

First choice is big frame, which is deemed to be a popular element in the fashion prescription glasses, however, those big non-prescription and prescription sunglasses manufactures are more inclined to produce big eyeglasses frames, as such eyeglasses can not only protect our eyes from harmful UV light effectively, but also provide a cool looking for us!

Second, thick frames, although these glasses frames were popular in the old days, people today are more inclined to wear thin and rectangle frames, as they are much light for wearing, but those thick ones are coming back now, they are now representing a sort of classic and elegance, especially those thick colored plastic eyeglasses frames, we are now paying more attention to our appearance!

The third one is rimless style eyeglasses, they are especially more popular after Sarah Palin, who wore her rimless eyeglasses at the Republican National Convention in St Paul, Minnesota, and the glasses are soon becoming her signature look, and titanium material is great choice for them, as it combines the two important features of durability and lightweight!

Usually, the main reason there are still many people cannot believe online sites is that they can decide eyeglasses frame is best until they try them on, so, before your final decision, I suggest you can come to some online site first, try to make sure which one is great for you, then, search it online, after all, the price is much cheaper than those local stores, and these eyeglasses frames will make us attractive to look at!